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Session Track: DMS and OMS Strategies - Chair Rob Stead

Take-over readiness: the case for camera-based driver monitoring




Hand position on wheel is one form of driver monitoring
Situation awareness not possible without camera. There is an argument for both hands on wheel and camera based (IIHS) to achieve ultimate safety outcome, but our view is that OEMs will not adopt both.

If one is to be dropped, which is ideal for the OEM to maintain and to meet safety standards?

Feature set potential with eye-gaze far outweighs value of hands on wheel sensors when it comes to Interior Sensing – HMI that leverages off what do you do with the detailed information our system can detect from driver using a camera-based monitoring system. Highlight what this enables from a sensitivitiy, notification and intervention (unintrusive) while maintaining a balance between driver acceptance and safety. Full integration with ADAS where sensitivities are managed to intervene appropriately using other systems in the car (eg. emergency braking, lane-keep assist, controlled stop) – getting to the pinnacle of interior-sensing

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Mike Lenne
Mike Lenne
Chief Science and Innovation Officer
Seeing Machines


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