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Opening Keynote by Founding Partner: Innovation Unleashed: Meet Tobii Autosense

Event: InCabin USA

| Session Date: Wednesday 22nd May

Hear from:

Steve Swartz Tobii
Steve Swartz,
VP of Americas,

Join us for a keynote presentation by Steven Swartz, VP of Sales at Tobii, as he unveils Tobii Autosense—an innovative interior sensing product poised to revolutionize the automotive industry. Following Tobii’s recent acquisition of Autosense, a renowned player in driver and occupant monitoring solutions, this presentation marks a pivotal moment for Tobii in the automotive interior sensing technology industry.


Combining safety with true in-cabin differentiation through experience-enhancing solutions, Tobii Autosense will become a one-stop shop for automakers around the world building vehicles for tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. ​


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