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Panel discussion: Can DMS and OMS Read Your Driver’s Mind for a Safer, Smoother Ride?

Event: InCabin USA

| Session Date: Thursday 23rd May

Hear from:

Modar Alaoui


Modar Alaoui,
Founder and CEO,
Kyle Troutt
Kyle Troutt,
Senior Electrical Hardware Engineer,
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.,
Bahman Hadji Onsemi
Bahman Hadji,
Segment Lead,
Fabiano Ruaro
Fabiano Ruaro,
Product Manager Interior Monitoring,

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, ON Semiconductor, Eyeris, and Bosch converge to explore the potential of DMS and OMS technologies in revolutionizing driver safety and ride smoothness. The panel delves into the integration of driver and occupant monitoring systems with vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication networks, leveraging real-time data exchange to anticipate and mitigate potential hazards on the road. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America emphasizes the role of advanced sensor fusion techniques in enhancing situational awareness, while ON Semiconductor highlights the importance of low-latency processing for seamless integration with vehicle control systems. Eyeris brings expertise in biometric analysis and emotional state monitoring, advocating for personalized driving experiences tailored to individual preferences and conditions. Bosch underscores the significance of collaboration and standardization efforts to enable interoperability among diverse automotive ecosystems. Together, they envision a future where DMS and OMS technologies empower drivers with actionable insights, ultimately paving the way for safer and smoother rides for all.


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