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Session Track: Future Regulations and Requirements for In-Cabin Safety

Using 3D Sensing Solutions for Future In-cabin Occupant Safety 




Regulatory bodies and the voice of crashtest organizations globally aim to reduce fatalities in vehicles. One of them is the US regulation FMVSS208, in place since year 2000, which includes the airbag suppression and occupant classification. Same for future EuroNCAP regulation which includes direct seatbelt detection, size and posture detection, occupant classification and feet on dashboard detection from 2026 onwards. With the current available technologies, the US regulation is met partially but the technology causes many recalls and integration challenges. The EuroNCAP requirement will need a reliable camera sensing as direct sensing is mandatory. That means a camera based solution is necessary and be fused with other sensors. To fulfill all global regulations reliably, a 3D sensor is the ideal to be added to the in cabin sensor portfolio. The talk describes regulations, how to meet them and advantages of using a 3D sensor. These statements are backed up by several academia research on the use of 3D sensors, virtual simulations and reduction of fatalities.

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Jan-Martin Juptner
Jan-Martin Juptner
Business Development
Sony Depthsensing Solutions


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