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Session Track: Golden Lineup: Unveiling the Four Pillars of DMS, OMS, CMS, Optical Paths, Sensors, and Features/Chair: Katelyn Magney-Miller, Communications Manager, PAVE

The Inevitable Evolution From Driver Monitoring to Interior Sensing




The transition from Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) to Interior Sensing Solutions signifies a profound shift in automotive technology, expanding the focus from solely monitoring the driver to comprehensively understanding the entire cabin environment and its occupants. By deploying advanced sensor technologies throughout the vehicle interior, Interior Sensing Solutions capture and analyze data on occupants’ behavior, posture, gestures, and even emotional states. This holistic approach enables vehicles to adapt and respond intelligently to occupants’ needs, enhancing both safety and comfort. Moreover, with the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Interior Sensing Solutions can anticipate occupants’ actions, personalize vehicle settings, and provide intuitive assistance, fostering a seamless and tailored user experience.

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Detlef Wilke
Detlef Wilke
Vice President of Automotive
Smart Eye


The state-of-play in today's ADAS market

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