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The start-up companies making sparks at InCabin Brussels

Fresh start-ups coming to InCabin Brussels

We’ve heard from our delegates that they are interested in meeting innovative start-up companies making sparks in our industry. These start-ups are working on solving parts of the in-cabin solution and you will find them in the exhibition, sharing their insights, and making connections with our community at InCabin Brussels.

The three hot topics defining the InCabin agenda

InCabin Brussels is approaching fast! If you’re not prepared, don’t worry – I’ll take you through the three defining topics on the agenda – human factors, driver impairment and the future of comfort. I’ll be sharing my best tips on how to prepare yourself to fully engage with these trends, plus a few golden nuggets on having the best InCabin experience.

Insights into the Future of Transportation: A Conversation with Prof. Natasha Merat, Leading Expert at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds.

Prof. Natasha Merat, University of Leeds

Professor Natasha Merat is the Chair in Human Factors of Transport Systems, Leader and Human Factors and Safety Group at the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds.. With InCabin Brussels less than 2 weeks away, Lydia Sheldon, Senior Marketing Executive for Sense Media, caught up with her to gain insights into what we can expect to hear from Natasha…

Take a journey through the InCabin Brussels 2023 Agenda

Navigate the InCabin Brussels 2023 agenda with Rob Stead

Rob Stead takes you on a journey through the unmissable highlights of the InCabin Brussels agenda, June 20-22 2023. Including speakers from companies including EuroNCAP, Seeing Machines, Pontosense, imec, LG, and Bosch.

An Interview with Samantha Lee, CEO & Founder of Meili Technologies.

Samantha Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of Meili Technologies

Samantha (Sam) Lee, is the CEO and Co-Founder at Meili Technologies. A start-up company with a very bright future, Meili’s aim is to save lives and enables difference-making peace of mind, helping more people to drive. Lydia Sheldon, Senior Marketing Executive for Sense Media, caught up with her ahead of her presentation at InCabin Brussels this June…

InCabin Brussels 2023 Agenda – Top Features

InCabin Brussels 2023 Full Agenda Top Features

Our technical InCabin conference will explore new upcoming technologies and regulations this June. See how they interact to shape user experience, connectivity, safety and monitoring. Here are our agenda’s top features! HUMAN FACTORS Human Factors are a critical factor to consider and to get right in the design of in-cabin systems, and it is very important that […]