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About Aptiv Corporation

Aptiv specializes in working interactively with its clients to develop customized applications to meet their unique business requirements. We primarily use Microsoft’s family of software development tools, including Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and SQL Server. In recent years we have developed internet-enabled database applications that allow access to vital business information anytime from anywhere in the world. Aptiv Corporation has been continually serving its clients since 1992. We’ve developed a wide range of database applications for over 200 clients and are able to re-use our extensive object library to reduce developmental costs for our clients. Unlike most independent programmers, we continue to offer client support for all systems we’ve developed and constantly update our applications to incorporate the newest technologies available.

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The state-of-play in today's ADAS market

With exclusive editorials from Transport Canada and SAE;  the ADAS Guide is free resource for our community. It gives a detailed overview of features in today’s road-going vehicles, categorized by OEM, alongside expert analysis.