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Mindtech is a developer of DataOps platforms for deployment on premise or in the cloud. Through our platforms, we enable faster creation of more accurate vision-AI models. Our customers achieve outstanding results through our data analysis platform Dolphin, and our synthetic data platform Chameleon. Dolphin enables deep dataset understanding, based on analysis of the content, appearance and network fit of real and synthetic datasets. The platform provides actionable insights into data requirements and training optimizations through its advanced data visualizations. Chameleon is a full 3D UI based, scenario led, synthetic data creation platform. It delivers fully annotated, domain matched imagery. Through the use of our automated digital humans and automated simulations, the platform creates diverse datasets that reduce bias, tackle data-drift and address corner cases. Mindtech also supply training ready DataPacks across a range of market areas: safety and security, Process automation and Transportation.

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The state-of-play in today's ADAS market

With exclusive editorials from Transport Canada and SAE;  the ADAS Guide is free resource for our community. It gives a detailed overview of features in today’s road-going vehicles, categorized by OEM, alongside expert analysis.