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Allen Lin

Allen Lin

Technical Specialist

General Motors

About Allen Lin

With 30 year of automotive experiences in passive and active safety systems. The passive safety components include airbag crash sensors, seat belt tension sensor, seat weight sensor, occupant classification with personalized restraints, seat belt controller, engine fire suppression & prevention. The active safety components are Driving Monitoring System (DMS) with attentiveness and drowsiness detections, Interior Viewing Camera (IVC) for video streaming, In-Cabin Radar Sensing (ICSR) for child left behind, Occupant Monitoring System (OMS), and In-Cabin Monitoring System (IMS) to optimize the vehicle safety, user experience, and security performance. The future project is to integrate and fuse the exterior vision and radar based sensing data to DMS to predict and provide the potential inattentive driver for driving safety.

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