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Ingo Foldvari

Ingo Foldvari

Director of Business Development


About Ingo Foldvari

Ingo Foldvari has been working for over 20 years in various customer-facing technical, marketing, and business development roles with a strong focus on the test and measurement industry and imaging applications.

As the Director of Business Development at Sunex Inc., Ingo manages and develops the automotive portfolio, which includes many Tier1 customer relationships and 10s of millions of units shipped. Ingo is also tasked with transitioning Sunex’s deep design and manufacturing know-how for Surround View and ADAS lenses to adjacent automotive applications such as DMS, LiDAR, and microLED-based headlamps, as well as to non-automotive markets such as security/surveillance, industrial robotics, and medical device applications.

No matter which industry or application, Ingo’s focus is on consulting his customer about developing a suitable optics strategy and defining solutions that can scale seamlessly from prototyping to mass production.
Ingo graduated with a Master in Electrical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, Germany.


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