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Juergen Hoellisch

Juergen Hoellisch​


Hoellisch Consulting GmbH

About Juergen Hoellisch​

Juergen has an extensive success record in Application, Sales, Product Definition, Business Management and Product Marketing including set-up and management of offices around the world.

He is a Strategic Advisor and Executive Management Consultant to international OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers with special focus in Asia. He has a strategic Focus on Sensors technology (Radar, Ultrasonic, Camera and Lidar) and Sensor Fusion technology (Domain Controllers) for Autonomous Drive Level 2 to Level 5. Juergen’s key Application focus is: Driver Assistance Systems (Ultra Sonic Park Assist, Radar, Camera Systems), Infotainment, Autonomous Valet Parking, Cyber Security

Hoellisch Consulting GmbH

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