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Mahdi Rezaei

Mahdi Rezaei

University Academic Fellow (Assistant Professor)

About Mahdi Rezaei

Dr Mahdi Rezaei is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at ‎the Institute for Transport ‎Studies, University of Leeds. He holds a PhD degree in Computer Vision and AI from the ‎University of Auckland, ‎New Zealand, with over 15 years of experience in ‎academia and ‎industry in the field. ‎

Currently, he leads a team of researchers and experts in computer vision and machine ‎learning for both in-cabin and out-cabin monitoring including the driver, pedestrians, and ‎road-users activity monitoring for automated vehicles. ‎

He is an executive member of the UK “Universities Transport ‎Study Group” (UTSG) and also ‎a member of the Academic Advisory Group in the data scientist development programme ‎‎(LIPAG). ‎

University of Leeds

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