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Modar Alaoui

Modar Alaoui

Founder and CEO


About Modar Alaoui

Modar is an artificial intelligence (AI) expert technologist and leading figure in computer vision AI for human behavior understanding, modeling and prediction. He is currently the founder and CEO of Eyeris, a leader of In-Cabin Sensing AI inside autonomous and Highly Automated Vehicles (HAVs).

Modar combines over a decade of experience in computer vision and applied human-centric AI for next-gen automotive applications. His work focuses on bridging human-machine interaction with predictive invisible interfaces through body, face, object and interior scene understanding AI. He is a frequent speaker and keynoter on “human-centric ambient intelligence” as the next frontier in AI. Modar graduated from Concordia University Montréal, with a concentration on Human Behavior Understanding (HBU) using artificial intelligence technologies. He is a winner of several international technology and innovation awards and has been featured on Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Time magazine, CNBC, Reuters, Fast Company and many major international media publications spanning over 12 different languages for his work.


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