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Verena Ihring

Verena Ihring

Senior Manager Strategy and Business Excellence Interior Monitoring

About Verena Ihring

Verena Ihring is Senior Product Manager at Robert Bosch GmbH for Interior Monitoring Systems in the area of Cross-Domain Computing Solutions. Since 2020, she has been responsible for product and partnering strategy, innovation management, market and competition monitoring, and communication content within the product area. She studied industrial engineering with a focus on international management at the University of Applied Sciences in Pforzheim. After graduating, she first worked in corporate marketing and sales at Robert Bosch GmbH and then completed her master’s degree in technically oriented business administration at the University of Stuttgart. She subsequently rejoined the Bosch Group as Technical Sales Manager within the Junior Managers Program. She then temporarily managed the office of the president of the executive management of the former Bosch Car Multimedia division.


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