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The InCabin Technology Review 2.0

The second, fully revised edition of our exclusive industry-wide report

Version 2.0: Reloaded and reimagined

Version 2.0 is here! Our InCabin Community is growing, and so are we. Following CES and with your feedback, our expert Sara Sargent has fully revised the Review, packing it with more companies at the cutting-edge of current and future solutions for intelligent automotive interiors.

Key areas covered in the Review include DMS and OMS for software and hardware, infared, RADAR, data, semiconductors, illumination, 3D sensing, cognitive state sensing and more. Further topics include Human Factors, Driver Impairment and the Future of Comfort.

This edition features a fully updated InCabin Market Map – originally created by our members of our community that attended InCabin Brussels in 2022. The Market Map sets out some of the key companies in the field and their area of focus, so we can continue to build up a full picture of our industry.

The Review is offered totally free to our community that helped build it, and we’ll keep updating it as the industry continues to grow. Fill out the form below to download your copy.

Areas covered in the Review include:

Driver, Occupant, Interior Monitoring Sensors & Hardware

  • 3D Sensing
  • Wide Angle Camera
  • Infared
  • Radar
  • Illumination for DMS/OMS
  • Data for DMS/OMS
  • Processors & Semiconductors

Driver, Occupant and Interior Monitoring Software

  • Cognitive state sensing
  • Position, eye tracking & cognitive state sensing

Cockpit: Function

  • Simulation, privacy/cybersecurity, connectivity

Cockpit: Experiential

  • See: Lighting, Dispays/AR, and UX Software/HMI
  • Hear: Ambient sound and audio, microphone and voice control
  • Touch, Smell, Taste: Pressure and capacitive sensing, haptics, gas

Driver, Occupant and Interior Monitoring Full Stack

Technology Review-InfoGraphic

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