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InCabin USA: Sara’s Top Takeaways

InCabin was so busy with lots of new faces! It was exciting to see all of the demos and there were several press announcements covering new developments in the technology and industry. Here are my top takeaways from the week…

  1. User comfort and experience is really important for OEMs.
    ⁃ I saw solutions to hide the sensors while maintaining their data quality at Apollo Optical. In my opinion these providers need to be selected and brought into the process by the sensor makers early on so that they can design the sensor with the full optical path in mind to ensure the best possible transmission.
    ⁃ There is a big drive in questions about infotainment, who the providers will be and how it can be implemented safely. But infotainment is not just what you see, it is also what you hear and is sometimes voice controlled, and even LLMs are making their way into our cars.              
    ⁃ I interacted with unique buttons that were hidden behind all types of surfaces until I waved my hand over them to make them appear. Then a haptic motor physically created the feel of my pressing a button from partners Ultrasense & Cirrus Logic.


  2. The combination of understanding the interior and exterior status and environment is where we’re headed for the best safety outcomes. This is at the heart of the work by Novus Hi-Tech, who started with automated and autonomous driving solutions in India and have introduced their in-cabin platform to the market, bringing together the expertise from knowledge of context from both systems.

  3. System security across HW and SW is critical now more than ever.

  4. How validation is performed is still a very big and overarching topic and will continue to be. We had presentations and demonstrations from both Anyverse and Siemens, showing what’s possible with simulation.

What an incredible week! And as always, a huge thank you goes to our Founding Partner Tobii, and all of our incredible partners and speakers. Next up is Barcelona this October 8-10, which will be the Europe co-location! I’m so interested in seeing what the key technology providers will have to offer from a technical capability standpoint, and what the OEMs and regulators want and require to have in our next set of development upgrades for our personal vehicles. If you have something to say submit to speak by July 5th.

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