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Part 2: Our top takeaways from CES 2024: Innovations in Software Defined Vehicle Technology

In this second edition of the CES takeaways by myself (Sara Sargent) and Kayleigh Pearson we cover innovations discovered from Samsung, Smart Eye, STMicroelectronics, AIRY3D, Cipia, and Sony+ Siemens at CES. I’m kicking this blog off first with a breakdown of regulation meets Software Defined Vehicles – then enjoy the company updates and of course, tune in again for the next release!

InCabin USA 2024: Steering into the Future – Keynote Announcement

The automotive industry stands on the brink of a transformative era, and InCabin, in collaboration with AutoSens Detroit, is at the forefront of showcasing these groundbreaking innovations. we are excited to announce our keynote speaker, Patrick Laufer: Development Engineer for In-Cabin Monitoring Technologies at IAV


The state-of-play in today's ADAS market

With exclusive editorials from Transport Canada and SAE;  the ADAS Guide is free resource for our community. It gives a detailed overview of features in today’s road-going vehicles, categorized by OEM, alongside expert analysis.