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At rabbitAI, we specialize in providing high-accuracy training data solutions, essential for the development of reliable and safe AI applications. Our focus is on enhancing 3D perception, action, and gesture recognition capabilities, particularly for XR or in-cabin sensing on more accessible hardware platforms.

Our core offering involves delivering device-specific ground truth data, which is crucial for expediting the learning curve of algorithms, allowing them to adapt effectively to particular hardware. This approach not only offers opportunities for optimization but also contributes to lowering hardware expenses and improving inference speeds.

Our expertise extends across the entire data pipeline—from sensor hardware and calibration to algorithm development and deployment—underpinned by technology that efficiently processes large volumes of data daily with an emphasis on quality assurance and failure detection.

We cultivate a dynamic and collaborative work environment at rabbitAI, where our team of computer vision experts thrives on rapid coordination and iterative processes. We welcome professionals who share our dedication to advancing computer vision technology and invite those interested to explore career opportunities with us. At rabbitAI, we are committed to advancing AI technology through practical, high-quality training data solutions.

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