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Michael Hödlmoser is engaged as CTO at emotion3D. He is responsible for planning and development supervision for all the solutions the company currently provides. Further duties include the company’s technical roadmap definition, product development and software architecture tasks.

Previously, Michael worked as project manager at Siemens, where he was responsible for setting up a computer vision team in Vienna. In addition, he led collaborative scientific and Siemens-internal innovative projects in the field of 3D computer vision in the context of smart buildings / smart cities. Michael also worked as a strategist for the entire image processing team.

He graduated with honors in 2013 from the PhD program in Computer Vision at the Vienna University of Technology, after finishing his diploma studies in Computer Science at the FH Salzburg. During his doctoral studies, he worked as a project assistant at the Vienna University of Technology and as a project manager at CogVis GmbH, Vienna. He was responsible for project acquisition/project development (including communication and cooperation with research funding agencies in Austria and at EU level) and project implementations as well as for the implementation of many image processing solutions.

In addition, he worked as a visiting scholar for several months at the ETH Zurich. Michael has published several papers at international conferences.

To sum it up, Michael has 15+ years of experience as CTO / project manager / strategist / lead software engineer / senior scientist in the field of 3D computer vision and image and video processing. His expertise mainly focuses on management and strategic development of computer vision / machine learning projects and solutions for mainly automotive


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