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An interview with Dr. Peter Amthor, Chief ADAS Expert at HARMAN

Dr. Peter Amthor, Chief ADAS/AD Technology and Innovation Expert’ at HARMAN (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd) has a long record of automotive ADAS/AD experience at several companies in software, hardware, and systems. 

With his current focus on automotive in-cabin consumer experiences, it is a pleasure for us to announce him as our first keynote speaker taking the InCabin Phoenix stage on March 15 -17. One of the topics he will touch on includes HARMAN’s recently introduced product Ready Care, which is a set of solutions — Cognitive Distraction, Stress-Free Routing, and Personalized Comfort — that can work together or independently to improve safety and reduce driver stress.

1. What do you see as the key challenges in automotive interior sensing over the next six months?

I would say the strongest driver is regulations. The legal requirements for increasing driver safety are becoming so strict that passive systems alone will no longer be sufficient nor compliant. In addition to meeting all these new regulatory demands, we also want to please the end customer with better in-cabin user experiences that live up to their expectations. Large studies on consumer demand in the next five to ten years have found that one of the main requests is digital health measurement and care. Our HARMAN Ready Care solution addresses this.

2. The user experience is an important aspect of in-cabin technology – how do you see this developing?

At HARMAN, we believe cars should be for living, not just driving. We’re satisfying the drivers’ hunger for cutting-edge technology, while putting OEMs back at the helm of providing great consumer experiences. The digital health and wellbeing sectors are growing rapidly and consumers are expressing a natural desire to integrate additional safety, in-vehicle health, and wellbeing solutions into the car. The HARMAN Ready Care technology combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and selected in-vehicle sensors to detect a driver’s personal state and propose a customized and personalized in-vehicle cabin response to mitigate safety risks and increase wellbeing.

3. What are you most looking forward to at the InCabin Phoenix event?

The InCabin Phoenix event is a great place to be together with all the important stakeholders of the automotive industry to discuss the present and future of the automotive in-cabin user experience and how the HARMAN Ready Care technology is contributing to this.


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