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An interview with Mark Fitzgerald, Director Autonomous Vehicle Service at Strategy Analytics

Mark Fitzgerald, Director, Autonomous Vehicle Service (AVS) in Strategy Analytics’ Global Automotive Practice manages strategic analysis, research and forecasting related to advanced ADAS and automated driving technologies.   

He’ll be joining us at InCabin Phoenix (15-17 March 2023) for a keynote presentation on ‘ADAS and AV sensor suite: emerging trends and developments’ Mark’s 20+ years of automotive experience includes competitive market analysis, forecasting, and consulting in the areas of automotive electronics and sensor applications in ADAS and automated driving, powertrain control, passenger safety, and vehicle information systems.   

1. Your presentation will be a market analysis – what challenges and opportunities do you see for the industry?

Challenges facing the industry include bringing safety solutions to mass-market vehicles at a low price point while also expanding on autonomous convenience functions on the path to autonomous vehicles.  The industry is challenged by introducing low-cost solutions to comply with NCAP requirements for mass-market vehicles while also developing L2+ systems and reducing the cost of the overall ADAS / AD sensor suite.

2. The user experience is an important aspect of in-cabin technology, manufacturers looking to supply the fully immersive experience for car users. How do you think this will change the market for suppliers and users?

The ADAS and Cockpit domains are blending, traditional cockpit / infotainment suppliers must also have ASIL / functional safety expertise to comply with OEM requirements to compete in the market.  A positive user experience is essential for the growth and consumer acceptance or new ADAS and AD technologies. Suppliers must understand and incorporate an appropriate user experience for an easy, pleasurable use of their vehicle.

3. What are you most looking forward to at InCabin Phoenix?

I am most looking forward to meeting old friends and making new ones at an in-person event while learning about new technologies, solutions and theories as the automotive industry continues to move from ADAS to automated vehicles.


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