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InCabin USA 2024 Demos and Exhibition: A Showcase of Innovation in Action 

Our upcoming event in May promises to be a hands-on experience showcasing technical demonstrations, vehicle demonstrations, and buck demos from leading innovators. See the Exhibition Floorplan.

Unlike other conferences, we combine high quality technical content with an extensive exhibition floor, providing high value for attendees. Delegates return year after year, using the exhibition as a meeting hub to speak to as many fellow engineers from as many different companies as possible, over 3 days. The Exhibitors use their exhibition space for technology demonstrations to engineers who shape the path of future technology. Discussions focus on technology developments rather than sales pitches.  

With our technical audience, and OEM and Tier 1s engineers attending for free, this makes for a very productive use of time, and the opportunity to evaluate the latest technology first hand. “In 2024, we have more demos than ever before, several of them previously only shown privately to press at CES, it’s going to add a real buzz to the exhibition floor”, says Robert Stead, Managing Director of Sense Media, the Founder of AutoSens and InCabin. 

Join us this May to explore demos from  from world-leading companies such as Sony, IAV, FH, Tobii, STMicroelectronics, ADASKY, Gentex, Smart Eye, Cipia and Indie Semiconductors. 


Acquiring DTS AutoSense from Xperi, Tobii has become one of the leading players in the interior sensing market and will showcase its aggregated capabilities at InCabin Detroit. 

If you are looking for an NFoV safety-centric solution or a WFoV rearview mirror single-camera solution that combines safety with experience, then Tobii Autosense’s BMW X5 demo car should be a must on the show floor. 

Tobii Autosense is your one-stop shop for true interior sensing. They have the capability and the knowledge to deliver best-in-class safety-centric solutions, helping you to align to regulations, while exploring together with you ways to bring in-cabin differentiation and reposition the in-cabin space in the mind of the end users. 


The Sony demonstration unveils a newly designed vehicle equipped with the latest Sony hardware and software features. From advanced sensing solutions enhancing comfort and safety to meeting both current and future regulatory standards, our showcase highlights innovation at its finest. 

Enhancements like exterior Lidar, updated front sensing capabilities, and the innovative e-mirrors bolster exterior safety measures. Meanwhile, within the cabin, a suite of sensors and software seamlessly integrates to create a comprehensive safety cocoon. 

Our primary focus is on providing flexibility to our customers. Whether through a complete system solution in collaboration with Sony Tier 1 partners, offering standalone sensing hardware, or providing hardware-agnostic software compatible with a variety of in-cabin sensors, we strive to meet diverse needs. 

Kicking off our demonstration in Detroit, we eagerly anticipate further engagements at our following showcase in Barcelona. We invite you to connect with us at the car demonstrators section, where we can explore these exciting advancements together. 


Embrace the future of automotive safety and personalization with IAV’s cutting-edge demo car. Powered by AI technology, IAV’s on-board interior camera system seamlessly integrates real-time facial recognition and posture analysis for a safer and more personalized in-car experience. With its powerful capabilities for simultaneous estimation of gender, age, head orientation, and passenger occupancy, this advanced technology can deliver robust results under various conditions – whether occupants are wearing glasses or changing their head positions. 

What sets our solution apart from others?  
The superior performance in gender and age estimation for both RGB and NIR cameras. Benchmarked against scientific datasets, our algorithm boasts one of the highest accuracies available on the market today. Unfazed by challenges, it continues to perform robustly across diverse scenarios, ethnicities, head orientations, and genders. 

“We have implemented the gender and age classification algorithm on AWS, offering it as a software-as-a-service solution for easier accessibility and minimized space requirements for the Deep Learning models inside the ECUs.” 

But that’s not all. They’re pushing the boundaries further. They’re currently wrapping up the development of an occupant height and weight estimation function. Join us as they plan to unveil the first version of this innovative feature in our demo car at our upcoming InCabin event in Detroit.  

Experience the future of in-car safety and personalization with IAV. 

The Advanced Occupant Monitoring System by Fraunhofer IOSB is a sophisticated technology designed for vehicle interiors, utilizing depth cameras to monitor and analyze the behavior of all occupants comprehensively. Unlike basic systems that track simple metrics like seat occupancy or steering movements, this advanced system creates a 3D skeletal model of each occupant in real-time, enabling detailed monitoring without needing biometric data, thus preserving privacy. The advanced research tool also allows for modular adaptation to many use cases.  

Key features include:  

  1. 3D body pose detection, where cameras capture the pose of each occupant, allowing the system to assess their condition and actions accurately.  
  1. Gesture recognition is another significant aspect, where the system interprets pointing gestures and other movements with precision, facilitating intuitive interaction with the vehicle’s systems, especially in automated driving scenarios. 
  1. Activity recognition is a core functionality, distinguishing up to 35 different activities such as eating, reading, or using a phone.  

These features are crucial for determining the occupants’ state, particularly the driver, to ensure safety and enable responsive assistance systems. The system’s ability to interpret these activities aids in understanding the occupants’ intentions and needs, enhancing the vehicle’s interactive and safety features.  

In research and development projects, we create perceptual user interfaces. We feed Generative User Interfaces with knowledge about driver and passenger states and achieve highly empathic speech assistants.  

This advanced occupant monitoring system represents a significant step forward in vehicle occupant monitoring, blending safety with enhanced interaction capabilities. 

The Fraunhofer IOSB, as a research institute, offers a retrofit solution to add occupant monitoring to any car with low effort. The system is easily customizable to the specific needs of our customers for the use cases of the future. 

smart eye

At InCabin 2024, Smart Eye will illustrate how our technology puts humans at the center in tomorrow’s vehicles. This will be demonstrated onsite through multiple innovative, production-ready demos, including our Automotive Interior Sensing AI and AIS: a complete driver monitoring system for commercial vehicles and small-volume OEMs. 


Automotive Interior Sensing AI 

Combining driver monitoring with cabin monitoring, our Automotive Interior Sensing AI gains a deep, human-centric understanding of what is going on with the people inside the car. 

For InCabin 2024, we apply our Automotive Interior Sensing AI to several everyday scenarios – from dropping off kids at daycare to something else.   

Using a multi-camera system and a combination of different AI algorithms, the technology unlocks valuable functions based on the passengers’ needs, whether that means providing the vehicle with the most advanced security measures available, detecting a child left behind, or simply playing their favorite song at the right moment. 

Learn more about our Automotive Interior Sensing AI at,
or download our eBook: 

AIS: Driver Monitoring for Commercial Vehicles 

Our InCabin 2024 demo offers a first-hand look at just how swift and easy it can be to install word-class DMS in any vehicles, in any situation.  

Scalable and flexible, AIS is Smart Eye’s complete hardware and software driver monitoring system for small-volume vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket installation for vehicle fleets.  

Using Smart Eye’s world leading DMS software, AIS detects driver drowsiness and distraction in trucks, buses, and passenger cars – making every trip a safer journey.  

Learn more about AIS at,
or download our eBook: 

Gentex Corporation
Why Should One Experience a Demo Ride?

Imagine cruising down a winding road on a rainy day, where visibility is low, and the roads shimmer with moisture. Suddenly, a pedestrian appears in the near distance, causing your heart to race. However, before you can even react, your car’s advanced safety system kicks into action, alerting you to the potential hazard with remarkable precision. This is the power of the PAEB over the current AEB—the enhanced ability to detect and react to pedestrians in harsh visibility conditions like harsh weather, glare, or darkness. This is what Adasky’s cutting-edge thermal camera offers for automotive safety systems.

During the demo, you’ll witness the thermal camera’s exceptional capabilities in real-time. As we explore various driving scenarios, you’ll see how the camera creates the most impressive thermal image you’ve ever seen. The detection software, using this video stream, identifies all road users and classifies them separately: pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicles by size. It even calculates TTC (Time to Collision) and signals the need to brake!

But it’s not just about witnessing the technology; it’s about feeling the difference it makes. Sitting in our demo vehicle, you’ll experience a newfound sense of confidence and security, knowing that your vehicle is equipped with a system that can literally save lives. The demo ride will allow you to truly appreciate the value of this cutting-edge safety feature, making it an essential experience for anyone interested in automotive safety and cutting-edge technology.

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