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Praneeth Nelapati of General Motors to bring academic expertise and industry experience to the InCabin Advisory Board

In an exciting move, we are thrilled to welcome Praneeth Nelapati, Technical Specialist – AV Radars & Sensing at General Motors to the InCabin Advisory Board. Praneeth’s extensive experience from both an academic and industry perspective and knowledge of architecting regulatory in-cabin features will be invaluable to our advisory panel. 

1. What inspired you to specialize in AV radars and sensing technology, and how do you envision its role evolving in the automotive industry in the coming years?

With an engineering background specializing in RF, Algorithms and A.I., Automated Driving area matched my skillset and my interest to work in a rapidly growing industry.

As a graduate student I was heavily invested in wireless communication research and  post graduation experience in network design, HW/SW simulation systems created a solid foundation for the automotive world

As I worked across different sensing modalities,  the journey was enriching and always feel the pride of helping the industry take steps towards a safe transportation goal. Sensors are one of key building blocks in this area and the AV progress is directly correlated to these technological advancements. It is challenging to create mutually complementary modalities that can balance performance and robustness simultaneously.

These areas will have to improve efficiency while optimizing cost to make true autonomy accessible to wider customer categories.

2. Could you share a significant project or accomplishment in your career related to AV radars and sensing that you are particularly proud of? What were the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Architecting and launching the industry’s first HD mapping system in the Super Cruise system was highly rewarding. The system required a lot of new concepts to be brought into ADAS area while balancing the launch readiness. Luckily I had a great team that supported this goal internally and externally (supply base) and this cross collaboration was a key ingredient to the success.

3. As you join the InCabin advisory board, what unique perspectives or insights do you hope to bring to the table, especially in the context of enhancing in-cabin experiences in autonomous vehicles?

As someone which has academic and industry expertise, I could bring balance between theoretical and execution viewpoints of technology/products. I have experience in architecting regulatory in-cabin features from concept to launch and am confident that these learnings would help me serving the board. Additionally, my experience in drafting standards could help facilitate meaningful conversations in the industry that could allow different AV systems to work in harmony.

4. With the rapid advancements in AV technology, what do you see as the most critical areas of focus or potential hurdles that the industry needs to address to ensure safe and efficient deployment of autonomous vehicles equipped with radar and sensing systems?

The AV industry needs to work with government bodies on progressing favorable regulations while building confidence in the general public. Making AV accessible to every nook and corner of the world that has unique local challenges could limit the scalability and availability of the automated driving feature sets.

5. Why are forums such as InCabin important for engineers in the automotive community?

The InCabin forum will help engineering community to understand the industry trends and bring individuals/organizations with common goals together.

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InCabin Advisory Board: Shaping the Future of InCabin

The InCabin Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the agenda for InCabin, curating critical topics, identifying impactful companies, and spotlighting rising stars in technical domains. Board members contribute to the event’s success by reviewing abstract submissions, moderating discussions, and writing blogs to guide attendees through key themes. Their commitment ensures a high-quality, relevant technical agenda, setting InCabin apart from the competition. 

In welcoming Praneeth Nelapati to the InCabin Advisory Board, we reinforce our dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in the automotive industry. As the industry continues to evolve, Praneeth and the Advisory Board stand at the forefront, steering InCabin towards new horizons. 


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